Did You Know?
Through your generous donations we received over $12,000 in in-kind donations in 2018. We thank you for all the  yarn, books, candy, puzzles, equipment, fabric and everything else that was donated to TGP last year. We are very lucky!


Pumpkin Fest 2019 is on October 6th. Please let Mary (608-290-3793) know if you would like to volunteer or donate. As always, your help is appreciated!

Four months until Hot Dogs with Santa! What!?!?!?!?!
We have already started to collect prizes for the kids. While you are traveling around this summer keep your eyes open for any items you would like to donate, everything from pencils to stuffed animals, books, toy cars, bracelets, small games, jewelry, small balls, etc. Anything that a 1-8 year old child might like. This event has grown each year and that is because our members have been sooooooooo generous. Please drop off donations at the reception desk or to Sue.



Books less than 3 years old
Lemonade-yellow, not pink
Pot Holders
Dish towels
Chocolate Candy for front desk
Store bought cookies

Donate time, supplies or money.  The Gathering Place is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization.  Our Federal Tax ID number is 39-1699315

Thank you to all who give so generously to The Gathering Place!


If you are planning a gift, whether to The Gathering Place Memoral Fund or to the general operations of TGP, you can be assured that the long term support of this community treasure will be appreciated.  Your gift will help us continue to bring quality programming and activities for all ages to the Milton Area Community for generations to come.  Specific bequest can be made in the form of securities, a will, a trust, a lift insurance policy, a gift annuity or simply cash.

As required by IRS Regulations, we provide the following information:

The Gathering Place is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization.  Our Federal Tax Identification Number is 39-1699315.  As no goods or services have been provided in connection with this gift, the full amount is deductible to the fullest extent provided by the law.

For more information about planned gift giving, contact Dave by phone at 608-868-3500 or by email:



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