Vets Roll: Mail Call

Each year we receive a request from the VetsRoll Motor Coach program.  This will be their 10th trip to Washington, D.C. ! Along the way they will have Mail Call for ‘Rosie-the-Riveters’ and eligible Veterans from 1949-1966.  Receiving mail from family and friends was a very special time for those serving our country. They need your help in replicating that excitement!  You can help make it a great time by writing letters to our Veterans or ‘Rosies’.  Your letter/card can include: thanking them for their service to our country; protecting other Americans from harm; sacrificing time with family while serving. Include whatever your heart tells you to share with them.  Include The Gathering Place address at 715 Campus St., Milton, WI 53563 in your letters as many of the veterans like to personally thank you.  The Veterans have said they never felt so honored or appreciated because of this trip.  When you are done with your letters please give them to Sue Eckert by  April 15, 2019.  She will forward them to VetsRoll.









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