Special Events


On Thursday, November 19 at 1:30 p.m. we will be hosting Parking Lot Bingo. All you need to do is drive into the TGP parking lot and park in a marked stall. As you enter the lot you will be given instructions and a paper Bingo sheet with three games on it. Please bring your own daubers if you have them.

There is no cost to play. At 1:30 we will start calling the numbers through your car radio. When you have a bingo beep your horn or wave your arms.

You will have to stay in your car the entire time. We will not meet if it is raining. Bingo is sponsored by Huntington Place and Reena Senior Living.



We are trying to be very creative during this difficult time. So we have asked Jamie Rudnitski to perform a Christmas Concert in our parking lot. He will be here on Friday, December 11 at 1:30 p.m. Jamie performed for us in September and we all enjoyed his performance so much that we want to do it again! He will be in our parking lot garage with guests in the marked stalls. You will have to stay in your car. The music will be coming through your radio on 90.3 FM. You can relax and stay warm in your car. He will perform a variety of Christmas songs along with some of the favorite oldies. Hope you are able to join us!